Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The change...

Over the last 24 hours, I have finally felt a change in myself.    I was well aware of that the weather report called for cold rain yesterday; I packed my bag for my training yesterday and made sure I packed warm items just in case (ballcap, gloves, etc.) on Monday night.

Sure enough, it rained all day yesterday.  I'm not complaining about the rain.  We need it badly here.  I could have done without this however.  Notice the red circles.

It was cold and it was miserable!  Our illustrious training coordinator told our coaches, "Hey guys, it's miserable out there.  You have permission to shorten the workout and come back early.  If you want to come back early, come back."  We started our warmup indoors and then ventured out into the COLD rain.

We were supposed to do a run 4, walk 3 6X interval last night.  I'm not sure if we did a full run 4 because our lead coach's Garmin kept messing up and I wasn't struggling as bad as I would have thought I would.  I am proud to say that when our coaches, Pam and Edna, asked us if we wanted to cut it short or go for the full thing, we said we really didn't care and were game for at least trying the full 6 intervals.  I'm proud to say WE DID IT!  We sang to pass the time and get our minds off the horrid weather.  We sang "Tomorrow" from Annie, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", and "My Favorite Things" to name a few.  I'm am honored to be a part of this pace group. 

The crazy thing is that I've felt that I've been "trying" to run this entire time.  That changed last night!  I finally crossed the mental block last night.  I AM A RUNNER!  I may not be the fastest one out there, but I am a runner.  It is so cool to be able to think of myself in that way. 

Another change was a sense of joy when I stepped on the scale this morning.  (I loathe the scale as most women do!)  I really haven't felt like I've lost any weight with this.  I know I had lost some between mom's surgery and my starting to run and then some since I began running.  I did the math today and I'm down 21 total from last fall and 13 since I began running.  I'm SO excited!  I'm really starting to see the change in me and...I like it. 

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